16 mm workable sheet thickness


Free laser cutting capacities

Fireplace Kft. was founded in 1994, for the manufacture of fireplace stoves and their selling in the European market. At our site near Miskolc, beside the production of parts for our own needs, we have free laser cutting capacities from time to time which we would like to offer to firms, making use of this opportunity.

Active surface:   3.000 x 1.500 mm

Positioning accuracy:    ±0,1 mm

Workable sheet thickness:

- for structural steel:  1 - 16 mm

- for high-alloy steel:  1 - 12 mm

Our firm currently has three CNC laser cutting machines type Trumpf TruFlow 3030:

Laser cutting is a CNC material separation process (thermal cutting) in which heat and kinetic energy required for cutting is ensured by concentrated laser beam. Due to minimum heat effect zone, the parts cut are free of deformation and burrs. The surface roughness of cut rivals that achieved by fine machining.

Laser cutting
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Kvalitní laserové řezání

Photos of our laser cutting machines



One TRUMPF Trumabend V 80 edge bending machine

One TRUMPF Trumabend V 130 edge bending machine

NC edge bending equipment include the following:

Upon request, edge bending of laser cut parts according to drawing,

up to a sheet thickness of 4 mm, is also possible.